The Message of the Chancel Window

The beautiful chancel window in the Rockwood United Methodist Church is built around the massive concrete cross, the main symbol of the Christian Faith.  At the heart of this is the Triangle which stands for equality, oneness, and unity of the Third Persons in the Godhead.  The remainder of the window defines each person of the Trinity and His work.

The upper left panel:  The hand of the Father, with his kingly crown, symbolizing His work of creation. 

The upper right panel:  The Alpha and Omega – first and last letters of the Greek alphabet – which are the symbols of the Son, Jesus Christ, who said, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” (Revelation 22 – 13). 

The lower left panel:  The descending Dove is the Holy Spirit.  The fiery red about the Dove symbolizes His purifying, sanctifying power, and the three rays traditionally signify the Trinity. 

The lower right panel represents the plan of salvation as planned, executed, and applied by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Bible, with its four crosses representing the four Gospel writers, tells of: the love of the Father who sent the Son, the earthly ministry of the Son from his birth (the Star of Bethlehem) to his death and resurrection, the empty red cross symbolizing the shedding of his precious blood, after which He arose from the tomb the third day:  the promise and coming of the Holy Spirit who applies the atoning work of Christ to our lives and is our faithful Comforter and Guide.