Music Director
Clayton Scarborough

We welcome all who wishes to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and contribute to our worship services.

Choir meets on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. - Music Dept. Web Link

Wayne Duggin, Church Organist

Being born into a musical family, Wayne was introduced to the piano at age 9, organ at 16, and continued through college.  Playing for church became a personal commitment through dedication of life as a way to serve God and provide inspiration for others.  Ministering through music is a higher language of the soul in communication with God.

Alison Westrich, Flutist

As a gifted musician, Alison has played the clarinet and a switch to the flute became a necessity after a physical problem developed with jaw muscles.  Alison is a long-time member of the Babahatchie Community Band and enjoys using her talent for the glory God

Becky Layne,  Pianist

For me, music is a very important element in worship.  I am honored to be asked occasionally to play the piano for services, and I hope that I can always be a part of the “joyful noise” of music.

John Trembley, Organ/Synthesizer

Music in worship offers an opportunity to honor God. In my case when playing the keyboard with limited skill and motor control, I realize the gift wrapped in my brokenness is received by my creator as precious. There are times when playing that my mind is free from stress, I am grateful to God for his precious gift of instrumental and vocal music.